Public Engagement

  • On May 31 2022, the SISW ESRs and SiC represented Siemens at the VTK Job Fair, which is the largest recruitment fair for engineers in the BeNeLux. They talked with students about their work in the MOIRA project. Many students expressed their interest in a research job and in the Marie Curie program.
  • On the KU Leuven Mech Research Day, which took place in Leuven on May 31 2022, the ESRs of KUL and SISW presented a poster on KU Leuven’s involvement in the MOIRA project to researchers from the mechanical engineering department, from labs all over Flanders. More than a hundred people attended the event.
  • “LALALA Day” hosted by LVA at INSA Lyon on June 23-24 2022 is an annual hassle-free day organized by the Laspi, LaMCos, LVA, to discuss monitoring techniques, in particular with regard to rotating machinery and all that that entails. The INSA ESRs presented and discussed their work with the attendees of the event.
  • “LVA Day” hosted by LVA at INSA Lyon on July 11 2022, is an annual day where all the researchers of the Laboratoire Vibrations Acoustique at INSA Lyon, including the MOIRA ESRs, have the opportunity to present their research work and discuss future possibilities.
  • The Cranfield University IVHM Centre holds technical reviews every four months with presenters experts in multiple areas, from UAVs system, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aviation industries, towards audiences from industries and professionals within the academia society. In the November 2022 edition, the MOIRA ESR from Cranfield participated and presented his work to an audience of 40 people from academia and industry.
  • On March 9 2023, Three Siemens Industry Software employees gave a seminar to 18 years old students of Sint-Janscollege Meldert in an interactive way. As Research and Innovation Manager, Mathieu Sarrazin spoke about his position within the company and gave an overview of their Simcenter simulation and testing products and services. In addition, he gave a brief explanation of how future entrepreneurs can most effectively convert an idea into a product based on a business plan with the ingredients - such as soft and hard skills, self-knowledge and team composition - that are required for this. Two PhD students at KU Leuven, Nicolo Salamone and Deepti Kunte (MOIRA ESR), presented the importance of vehicle acoustics, sound quality and machine learning with its advantages and disadvantages as part of our European Marie Curie research projects, ECO-DRIVE and MOIRA. The lesson ended with a demonstration where students could actively use a virtual sound simulator.